Deployment to end users?

Hello everybody. My company is looking at adopting some RPA tools and I’m trying to understand exactly how this works to see if UIPath is a viable option. I’m trying to build a bot that a client facing user could use to copy data from excel into our webforms, but I have yet to find a RPA tool that lets my people run it by themselves and doesn’t need all kinds of other stuff installed. If I understand correctly, I would build the process in Studio, publish it to Orchestrator, and then after installing bots on each user computer link those bots to Orchestrator and tell them to run that process. The client facing user would just have to enter a certain key combination or something similar to start the bot I’ve installed on their PC correct? I would also need a license for each bot, right?

You can run the bots without Orchestrator also, Orchestrator is for administration & controlling bots. You need to buy license for each Bot & Orchestrator.