How to deploy main.xaml file

Hi All,

I am very new to RPA technology and I have created my first project that automates the process of invoicing the customer. It is a web application. After completing it, how can I deploy the main.xaml file so that other users in the organization that uses that web application to invoice the customers can use it. Please help.

Also, I know there different ways of building bots. I have seen an approach other than UI Path where the user saves the images of the input boxes or buttons and writes a scriot to click them. It is faster than UI Path. Can someone please name what is that technology to build bots?

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you use the team panel to share your workflows in github or another you want

also you can deploy your bots in orchestrator and connect the machines so your friends will be able to run the but in their computers.


Hey @harmeet_kaur

You can just utilize the publish button on the studio to publish your package to the remote orchestrator from which other users or bots can run the automation whenever required.