BOTs deployment model in UiPath compared to Automation Anywhere


I am an RPA developer and I work with Automation anywhere. I am not exploring UiPath as a possible RPA solution in my team. I would like to understand the deployment model for the bots created via UiPath. In Automation anywhere set-up the BOTs are deployed on Bot runner which is linked to the control room on the same network. Is it the same with UiPath as well? Also how can we deploy the bots on client network when the orchestrator is installed on our network?

Hi @iazhar,

I’m guessing this was a typo:

UiPath platform has 3 components:

  • Studio - Where you build workflows

  • Orchestrator - Control system for robots to execute, monitor, schedule, logs,etc

  • Robot - Execute the processes

If the robot and the Orchestrator are on different networks you could still enable the communication using a Proxy server

Hope you find this info useful!


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