Attended Automations

Hello! I’m reaching out to any of my fellow RPA developers / analysts, anyone with experience with UiPath Attended Automations and the internal infrastructure side - so installing UiPath on a users machine, updating packages without impacting the users - (we’ve been adding the code to their machine and asking them to open UiPath just to pull the latest packages through). Just doesn’t seem ideal?

I’ve often found information online to be very minimal, so wondered if anyone would like to discuss any experiences you’ve had? I’m aware that we all probably have different infrastructure setups.

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Hey @thomas.mosforth-hunt

I assume you are talking about the automation package download after every release.

When the user triggers the process in the Assistant, It will download the latest version of the package if that’s not downloaded already.

Provided the bot is connected to orchestrator, Anyway it will but just mentioning