How to Deploy the project

Hey all, I have done my first Uipath project in the Uipath studio community edition
As this is going to be used by a bunch of people in our company, my question is
What are the requirements for it to work correctly in all systems?
I have some knowledge of Uipath assistant and orchestrator, but could you explain it clearly, and we are willing to purchase a license if necessary?

Thank you

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Hi @Nipun

Have a look on the documentation


Hey @Nipun

  1. First thing is to make sure the code which you have is all reliable and dynamic so that it works on various environments without much issues

  2. Make sure you have the orchestrator setup ready with folder structure, user access (can be done later as well) etc

  3. Next is to publish the code to the Orchestrator as a package which is nothing but a centralized control room portal for collaboration & management.

  4. Finally create an automation process mapping the package you have published, which will now be available to all the users who have access for the same

  5. Now the automation is live & can be ran by any of the users from their UiPath Assistant installed in their machine with connection established & licensed

Hope this helps.