Query for how to deploy a robot I created?

Dear Fellows,

I just created an automation in Studio x and want to test in antoehr PC.
As I know, the way is using UiPath Assistant in the another PC to execute the automation.

In this case, a user who use the another PC needs to have an license to login UiPath Assistant and Orchestrator ?

If I’m wrong, Would you please advise how to process ?

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The licensing requirements for UiPath can vary based on your specific use case and whether you are connecting UiPath Assistant to Orchestrator or not. Here are some scenarios to consider:

Scenario 1: Not Connecting to Orchestrator

If you are using UiPath Assistant on a standalone machine and not connecting it to Orchestrator, you typically don’t need an additional attended bot license. UiPath Assistant can run attended automations locally on a machine without requiring a separate attended bot license.

Scenario 2: Connecting to Orchestrator

If you want to connect UiPath Assistant to UiPath Orchestrator for centralized automation management, scheduling, and reporting, you will need a valid Orchestrator license.

Hope this clarifies

Cheers @PARK_Bin

Dear master

I appreciate your detailed explanation.
But understood a little bit… sorry about this.

In case of Scenario 2,
I have the license and published my automation to Orchestrator.
And there are total 3 people who wants the automation to be executed in their PC.
Do they need to have the license just like mine to execute UiPath Assistant ?

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Ok let me keep it simple
Be it connected or not to orchestrator
If u want to run a bot or even to view a process in studio u need atleast attended license to run or even to view the bot in studio
Just double checked with my infra team

Another point with attended bot u can only view and run the process workflow in studio (if needed)
U can’t edit it

Hope this clarifies