Deployment of Automated Project for other Users on their machines

I have made an automated process on my machine involving chrome web browser, Excel and watsapp
I want to share and deploy the automation created with few other users - not necessarily in my organization. It is also not for any commercial use.

How can I do it, what further apps do I need, where do I get them and what are the costs involved?


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First all applications should be present in that machine where you want to run it.
Second for unattended automation you need to purchase orchestrator license.

Hi Raja,

Thanks for the response. Which Applications are needed? I have published the automation and got .nupkg files

I am not sure how to run the published .nupkg files even from UiPath


Hi @aditya.pikle,

If you want to run it from the UiPath studio itself. you can convert that nuget package to zip and unzip that folder you will get a content folder inside that where you can find your main.xaml you can open it in the UiPath studio in other machine

On the other hand, if you want to run it unattended you have to purchase the robot license as @raja.arslankhan said.


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@aditya.pikle Simply rename .nupkg to .zip and extract all.
go to lib then net45 and you will able to see your code.
open main file …it will open in UiPath.

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Hi @aditya.pikle

If you are published that code make your orchestrator is in active state.
Go to Orchestrator >click on >Automations Tab> select processes
Add your process it means your published package will show there.
Than after you can choose environments, bots, Etc. , To run unattended mode simple select the trigger there you can.


If you want to run from studio only then you can just copy all of the project folder to the target machine and open there and can run it

Any applications you used in the process should be present on the system where you want to run as well

If you want to run unattended or from orchestrator that is when you need to publish and create a process in orchestrator else you can directly copy the whole folder and can open in studio and run it on other systems as well



Thanks all for the prompt responses

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