How to deploy uipath project on orchestrator unattended robot that is run on different machine (VM)

Hello Everyone,

I have uipath studio license activated on my local machine and I have one unattended robot active on orchestrator. I want to know the the process of deployment of uipath project to unattended robot that is managed on different machine (Virtual Macnine). How to publish project for orchestrator unattended robot through uipath studio.


Hi @amittechie

The idea behind Orchestrator is that it supposed to manage your jobs.

In short, running a job is a 2 step process:

  1. You Publish the project to the Orchestrator, which physically copies the package with your project into Orchestrator.
  2. You then setup a job in Orchestrator to be executed on a particular machine. When the job is launched from Orchestrator, the package with your project will be sent into the target Machine and your job will be executed

I hope it helps. All technicalities of running a job or publishing it into orchestrator are explained in our documentation:


Thank you for reply.
I need some clarification. I have only one unattended robot on orchestrator. I do not have any development, free or attended robot on orchestrator for publish project. I need to connect my uipath studio to orchestrator for publish project. Should i need to create a provision for type unattended and connect my studio to orchestrator and after published I need to disconnect uipath studio machine from orchestrator and connect it to Virtual Machine for running job? Also there is no any option to update the machine.

Just to clarify, you could also publish locally and upload the package manually to your Orchestrator :slight_smile:

Also, you can install Studio on your unattended robot Machine strictly for debugging purposes.

Lastly, if you connect your current installation of Studio to Orchestrator, you should be automatically granted a Development license for that machine (this will change with the incoming 2018.4 version).

I hope I managed to clarify things a bit :slight_smile:

Thanks for clarification.

I have installed Studio on Virtual Machine (Unattended Robot). Can we activate Studio license by using back office license (unattended robot) only for debugging purpose and publish project?

I have install Studio version 2018.3.2 on my development machine and Orchestrator version 2017.1.6435 on Server (different machine) when I connect Studio development machine to orhestrotor it consumed one unattended robot in orchestrator.

This behaviour is correct, you can use it like that for debugging purposes :slight_smile:

Thank you for the quick response!
It’s really understandable for me. :slight_smile:

One more thing
The Robot on the Studio machine can be connected to Orchestrator (provision/add it as Development Robot ) but I do not have any Development Robot active on Orchestrtor so how will I connect Studio machine to Orchestrator with provision Development Robot?