Can we able to run a process only with Uipath ROBOT Licence without uipath studio installed

Hi Guys,

I am getting always confused on the licencing part though i get to see many posts regarding this, it would be helpful if someone can clarify me on the below questions,

i have two license Uipath studio licence which i have already activated and using it in standalone machine, another licence i have is UIPATH ROBOT license.
now i want to activate uipath ROBOT licence in different machine where there is no uipath studio is available
1.Is it possible to install uipath ROBOT in different machine where there is no studio available?
if yes how can i do it

2.since i m having two different machine if i want to do any automation in the machine where i have only ROBOT installed, is it possible to develop in the uipath studio installed machine and publish to my ROBOT? (current no orchestrator in use)

3.without orchestrator how can we publish from one machine to another machine?

kindly advice me ppl

@Abisha As to Installing only the Robot without Studio in a machine, you can Look into the Docs available in this link :

For your Second point, That’s actually the way how we implement and deploy the processes in production environments and hence it is possible.

To clarify your third point, Yes, You can publish a process from one machine to another using the nupkg file as a package.
In the Machine which has Studio, Publish the Project. It Should ask the location as to where it need to be published, either the Orchestrtor or Custom i.e in a Local Path in your Machine. Select the Custom Option.
Specify the Local Path where the nupkg file needs to be stored.
After Publish is successful, you can locate the nupkg file and send the file to another machine where only Robot is installed.
In the Robot Machine, Copy the Nupkg file to this folder path "C:\ProgramData\UiPath\Packages"
Check the Robot Tray, the Process Should be available for Download.

I guess these are the Steps needed. Though there might be some changes in installing the robot as there are upgrades taking pIace. If you are facing any problems, please revert back.