Deploying a project in client's environment

I am planning to deploy a project in clients’ side. But don’t have exact idea on how to do it as I am new to Uipath. So my questions are:

  1. Do I need to install uipath studio and uipath robot in the clients’ system to get it done?
  2. Are there any ways to preserve the source code while handing over the project to client?
    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thank you.
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Few Questions that i would ask before giving any suggestions:

  1. Do you have the Robot license for the clients machine or You planning to use Community Edition.?
  2. Is your project a Front Office(Attended) or Back Office(Unattended)?
  3. Are you planning to use Orchestrator.?

Rammohan B.

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Hi @Rammohan91,

  1. At the moment, the client will be deploying only one bot in their system. So, we will be going with community edition.
  2. The bot will be an attended one.
  3. Currently, we are not planning to use Orchestrator but circumstances might change.

Since CE comes with both UiRobot and UiPath studio, you have to install both to the clients system.

You can just move your .nupkg to the ‘C:/ProgramData/UiPath/Packages’ path of clients system. Once the client starts UiRobot, he should be able to see all those process to run from ‘Available Processes’ within UiRobot in System Tray.

Since its a front office robot, client can run the process directly from the system tray robot.

Let me know if it helps.

Rammohan B.


Hi @Rammohan91,
Can we repeat the same thing, if we are to deploy an unattended robot in the client side. Like just transferring .nupkg file once the project is completed and published.
Thanks for the solution. Much appreciated…

Basically Unattended is a way where the process is run without any inputs or actions from user repeating at a certain interval of time. You may need to have the orchestrator to schedule your Unattended robots. In that case you may have to publish your workflow to the orchestrator.

Another way to use task scheduler but that’s not officially supported by UiPath and you may have some issues with setting it up. In this case, i believe you can’t use .nupkg instead you have to call your workflow main.xaml using a batch file that is run by the scheduler.

Rammohan B.


Can you please give a proper idea about it?