Dependencies issue

When i was login my UiPath account on other system the dependencies issue is pop-up by my UiPath so guide me how to solve this ??

you need to see wich dependencie is missing and restore, by clicking with the right button on the dependencie

yes i was restoring all the dependencies but after some time the error dependencies is occur

can you show me the problem??

Hi @Rohit_Gurjar

Open the project panel → Right click on dependency which you are getting error → Hit on repair dependency.

This will repair all the errors in all dependencies.

Hope it helps!!

Hi @Rohit_Gurjar ,
Can you share image about this error
you can try this way:
1.Make just backup of json and remove it completely from your project folder.
2.Then open project from Main.xaml and go to Manage Packages and download/install all needed dependencies.
3.New json file will be creating automatically.
hope it help,