Stuck on Restoring Dependencies


A Fresh installation of UiPath Studio 2019.5.0 Community Edition on Windows 10 wont allow me to move beyond Creating a project/process. It gets stuck on “Restoring Dependencies”. This has been going on for much longer than 20 minutes. What could be the problem?


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Could you please restart UIPath studio and check once.


I have restarted multiple times and restarted the whole machine. The issue persists. Would installing a lower version be an option?


We all are using new version only and we did not face any issue.

Could you please uninstall UIpath and delete appData and then try to reinstall it.

thanks @lakshman
Unfortunately that did not help. I will try a different machine

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Is this a new project or are you opening an existing one?

Have you reviewed your studio logs? It might be having troubles with a particular package which might highlight an availability issue (existence, or network related), loading order and so on.

@codemonkee Its a brand new project and the very first. The issue is resolved. I left the process run (which ran in excess of 45 minutes) and when I checked on it, it was done and the studio loaded. Thanks everyone for the help


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