Error detecting project version while importing project developed in Studio 2019.7 into 2019.4.3

Hi there,
I have developed the UIPath project on UIpath Studio version 2019.7 when trying to import into the Studio 2019.4.3 (UAT) I am getting error : Error detecting project version.

The full trace is attached.

Please help. (859 Bytes)

Hi @RajeshSwarnkar,
Have you tried to remove project.json file and open project from main.xaml? (after this if all is working you need to import any non-standard packages used in project and Studio will create new project.json file based on that).

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hello @RajeshSwarnkar

this is more over packages, try to check all the packages and version,
based on the Project.json file dependency will be downloaded in the studio so try to delete it and open the file using main.xaml file.


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The project was working well. I was able to add the UiPath.Script.Activity on both projects.
I have little knowledge about the project structure and what might have gone inconsitent. Can you please help me drill into the error.

just delete the project.json and open your main file dependencies will automatically downloaded and new json file will be created.

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After removing the existing project.json file and directly double click opening the Main.xaml file, the error was not received.

What might be probable cause? dependency file corruption?

Open one of project.json file in notepad for instance… you will see that there are packages and their version listed. If you have older packages in your studio in can be that project will not open because of versions mismatch.

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