The Project Has The Same Name As A Reference Package UiPath. This Scenario Is Not Supported And Will Lead To Dependency Resolve Issues

Data lost(blank .xaml files with no earlier activities) after dependency update in new version of UiPath Studio.

Issue Description: When opening an older project on a new/latest version of Studio it pops up an error message and demands a dependency update and when this is allowed, it creates a copy of the existing Robot files, and the previous data is lost after updating the dependency. This issue occurs after updating UiPath Studio.

It creates copies of blank .xaml files and when opened it is empty without any activities.

Error Message: The project has the same name as a reference package(“UiPath”). This scenario is not supported and will lead to dependency resolve issues.

Resolution: Try one of the below approaches and it should most likely resolve the issue,

  1. As it is an old project it contains older version of Activity packages and hence compatibility issues would arise. Copy and paste the old project sequences into a new UiPath Process. This will download all the dependencies, create a new Project.json and would keep the existing .xaml files with the Activities intact.
  2. Make sure that the project which is being run is not called UiPath.