Delay between keys - Send Hotkey - CTRL+F



Hello Everyone,

Am trying to open the find and replace box in excel using hotkey. However it only works for 2 out of 4 attempts whereas in the 3rd/4th attempt it types just “F” in an excel cell.

I have set the delay between keys to 2000 milliseconds. Is it a short timespan? Even human does it within seconds? Typeinto doesn’t seem to work well as well

Can you please help me with this? Can’t attach screenshots/xaml file as it is confidential1

Send Hotkey Issue - Incorrect action performed

Yes, I am also facing this problem, hence not using hot keys. I always use menu options.



Hi @skini76, Can you please share your activity of how you did that drop down select? It would be helpful




Hello @Selvasathappan, you can try bringing the Excel forward first using Activate Window.


Hi @Selvasathappan

This is a really strange behavior. I just tested it and Send Hotkey activity works for me on default settings without any issues:

But in the Excel scope, it worked on default settings only after I activated the window first with Activate activity (or a combination of “Activate” and “ClickBeforeTyping” in the the Send Hotkey activity)


By default Activate is ticked, even then I face this problem, so menu option may be more reliable.


Hi ,
you can find the custom activity to find and replace the text in the below one.