Issue withe Send Hot key and Type Into in excel

Hi All
I have an excel file where there is a date column, that i want to make short date.
So first i am selecting the header of the column by select range. (“Q1:Q1”).

Then doing Send Hot key (Ctrl+space) so that entire column will be selected. Then doing Type Into ("[k(alt)]hns[k(enter)]"). This is excel short cut. It will make the entire column short date.

Earlier it used to work but now after select range the two activities are not working nor giving any error. Simply moving to the next activity. What might be the issue.


Below are the things to try -

  1. Please try putting Delays between the activities.
    2.For Selection of range - Have you considered using - type into the Search as shown Below

Write “Q1:Q1” in place of A1 and [Enter] - This should give you the same result.



This was the mistake i was doing. I was using Ctrl key and also checked the sendWindowMessage property.

Still not working.