DefaultFolder deleted by TenantMoveAdmin

I am not able to connect to the Orchestrator with UiPath Assistant. I was using machin-key. After connecting to the Orchestrator from browser, I don’t see the default folder which had all my data like Assets, Machines, Processes etc…

In the Audit I see a message as below:
User TenantMoveAdmin deleted folder Default before 10 hours.

Any help would be appreciated.
@Palaniyappan @loginerror

Hi @mrkrunaldoshi,

I think it is because of the deprecation of the classic folders which you have.

Check this.


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Are you using Community or Enterprise edition of Orchestrator ?

Yes, Community edition of Orchestrator.


Now Classic folder is deprecated and from now onwards we need to use Modern Folders only. Have a look thread Shared by @shreyash_shirbhate to migrate from Classic to Modern Folders.

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@lakshman @shreyash_shirbhate, I agree we have to move from Classic to Modern folder however I was using the Classic folder and now it seems to be deleted.

As details on the Orchestrator in Automation Cloud™ - Classic folder functionality deprecation - Phase 1 there was no plan to delete the Classic folder in use.