20.10 release and modern folder

I’m wondering about new version of Orchestrator.
I’m using only classic folder, but 20.10 will support only modern folder you know.
So, what should I do migrating to modern folder?
Shoud I delete all entities in classic folder manually?
And shoud I create all entities in modern folder manually?
I read release note already, but I cannot understand about it well.
It is very important for me to operate well continuously, without any issue 'cause of new version.
I’ll waiting your advice.

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check this if helpful for u

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Thank you for great information.
But I’m finding about compatibility of classic folder with modern folder.

Please refer to the migration notes in this article: https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/docs/using-modern-folders

Any more questions besides what is mentioned in the article?

Does assets from classic folder migrate to modern folders or after migration it have to be created manually?