Migration from Classic Folders to Modern Folders - Not able to locate " Modern Migration wizard "

Employer’s Orchestrator Tenant →
To Migrate from classic folders to modern folders, not able see the option for the Modern Migration wizard under the classic folders section.

Tenant → Settings → Classic Folders

Please let me know if there is a way to identify the Migration to Modern folders is done already by UiPath. Or how can I download the “Modern Migration Wizard”.

In the Community Edition, I can the option as below

Also gone through the documentation,

Please Suggest,


Please check this


You will see the Start migration tool from Orchestrator → Tenant → Settings → General → Start migration (under Classic Folders section)

In order to work with this tool, you need to have already classic folders set up in your organization tenant. From your screenshots, it is displayed that you don’t have any classic folders.

Thanks your reply was helpful.

Below is the screenshot of the Test Classic folders we created,

But not able to see the Modern Migration Tool under Classic folders section as shown in the below screenshot.

Tenant → Settings → General → Classic Folders

Make sure that you are the Administrator in the respective tenant organization and add some entities in the Classic folders (Assets, Queues, Environments, Robots, Machines) and then retry.

Sure. Thanks will give it a try.

I am Admin and assigned with all the required roles.
Also created different entities as you suggested but no luck so far.


  • To be able to successfully run the Modern migration wizard, you must be an organization administrator.
  • To be able to open the Modern migration wizard, you need the following permissions:
    • Roles: View, Create, and Edit
    • Settings: View and Edit
    • Users: View, Create, and Edit
    • Robots: View, Create, Edit, and Delete
    • Units: Create and Edit.

Volume limitation

The Modern migration wizard is not suitable for large deployments, which require dedicated migration tools and strategy.

We recommend that you do not use the migration wizard on folders that contain more than 2,000 classic robots. This can cause performance issues and can cause the migration to fail.

Reference: Migrating from classic to modern folders

Thanks for the info. I will once again check.

Hi @marian.platonov !

I don’t see the Units permission, where is it ?

I think it was removed from the roles.

You need to have at least the Orchestrator 2022.10.0.

Okay then same as @samavpch I don’t see the Migration wizard though I have the administrator role as shown in the screen.
All I could see is the following:

Can you try this alternative solution?

Open the Tenant → Settings → and check witch is your tid and fid from your accessed URL

Then build the Access this link as below and access it:


You should see something like

Let us know if this worked.

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Okay now I get it: I am v2022.4 and I can’t have the wizard on Orchestrator. So I have to use Orchestrator manager :confused:
@samavpch maybe you’re also in v2022.4 ?

hi, my orchrestrator version 2020.10.3 on premise. the question is : i also dont see the migration wizard.

You need to upgrade your Orchestrator to at least 2022.10 in order to see the Start Migration wizard.

If you need the latest build for Orchestrator 2022.10, here you can find the installer: https://download.uipath.com/versions/22.10.4/UiPathOrchestrator.msi

Release notes: https://docs.uipath.com/orchestrator/standalone/2022.10/release-notes/release-notes-2022-10-4

Important note: Make sure that before upgrading your Orchestrator 2023.4 or the latest, you are not having any Classic setup in your previous Orchestrator version.