Data scrapping / This control does not support data extraction

Data scrapping / This control does not support data extraction

I need to extract information from windows application


Hi @Soudios
just select on table cell in the table u need to extract

it will extract the entire table

Nived N
Happy Automation


It doesn’t work with that application, there is an other way to extract all the information ?

I think datascraping may not be supporting there

Can u try with screenscrapping ?

Screen Scrapping is working, but how can i do to do the same with data scrapping.

I need to extract all the information and put it in a excel file, i need also to use scroll to select next page.

If it possible with screenscrapping

Can u show how output is like ?


Here :

And i have all that scroll to extract :

Hi @Soudios

Is it possible u can use Ctrl+A to select all rows in the table and paste in excel ?

Its not possible from the application but its possible from screep scrapping.

But screen scrapping select only few rows not all of them.

I need a way to get all the rows

Did u tried that manually uisng Ctrl+A?

Hi @Soudios,suggest you try the suggestion of @NIVED_NAMBIAR. Typically, if you can capture the data, then use data manipulation, you will be able to extract the row and column info.


Yes i tried but i can’t past it

Data scrapping doesnt work i sent the screen

Hi @Soudios

Data Scrapping does not support legacy window applications.
you already mentioned that you cannot perform Ctrl + A and paste operation
so explore the below options.

  1. Check for export to CSV or Text file option
  2. Perform Screen Scrapping within do while activity until you reach last page/last row, append all data to text file or data table depending on the output type

if you choose to go with option 2 then please have a logic to find the last page / last row, otherwise bot will keep on running long time looking for last page / last row

I don’t know how to do it with the option 1 and the option 2 how can i set the bot to continue until there is a row ?

Hi @Soudios

I am sorry, I don’t know which application you are automating. so I am giving a sample approach.

Please tweak the activities as per your requirement.

Option 1 is to explore if there is an option to export as CSV. please provide application name or a screenshot of menu that will help us to check whether its possible or not.

Refer the image below for Option 2.

I have created three string variables str_PreviousScreenData, str_CurrentScreenData and str_FullScreenData

str_FullScreenData will hold the full scrapped values.

If last row can be identified by any keywords like “End page, End page, Last Page, Last Row” etc.
then we can use str_CurrentScreenData.Contains(Keyword) = False.

Since its a data table I am comparing previous screen and current screen to check whether last screen is reached or not.

This sample approach is designed based on below assumptions

  1. Data Scrapping not supported but Screen scrapping supported
  2. No identification available for last row , So comparing pervious screen and current screen to check last screen reached.
  3. Screen Scrapped data can be formatted to required output (like excel text to columns)
  4. if Screens are overlapped then there will duplicate data, so use remove duplicates activity
  5. No button available to scroll down, so used page down key for scrolling down.

Please try this and let me know if you face any issues.

Note: Could you please check the below combination

Screen Scrapping with Full Text option.
In the image I can see that you used Screen scrapping with Native option.
I would like to know the behavior when Screen Scrapping with Full Text option is used.

John Felix