How to extract table from windows application

I want to extract table from windows application and want to compare the column(“LOCKED”) with my input(“No Lock”). can anyone help?

@Manvitha try data scrapping u can extract datatable directly if that doesnt works means try screen scrapping and do string manipulation and another method is u can try find children activity and there may be few other options also

Have you tried data scraping…?

yeah… I tried i,m getting the below error for data scrapping…can any suggest y this error

@Manvitha, try with screen scrap, As it inside the application, i feel Data scrapping will not work, as it need to detect the pattern or table.

@ksrinu070184… with screen scrape data getting merged with other columns

Yes It will merge, after screen scrapping, using string manipulation, it can achieved i think.

Hi - I know that I am late to this topic but I have a similar situation where Data Scraping would not work (since it is a windows application) and screen scraping is asking me for an ExtractMetadata input ( which is usually auto-populated).