Save data in excel with screen scrapping

I need to collect data from the web and save it in excel, I tried to use data scrapping but it appears (this control does not support data extraction) as an alternative I tried to capture the data with screen scrapping but I do not know how to save the data I want in excel.
I do not know if you can see it in print, but the image contains a scroll bar, so I would need to have to get the data until the end of this bar, is there any way to do it?

if possible send an example, thank you

Can you please share the web address if it’s external website?

Did you checked the table HTML content?

the site is internal, you probably will not be able to access
how do I check the HTML content of the table?

Inspect Element.

can you please send me an example of how to save data in excel from the screen scrapping?
if possible send an example, I still have difficulty in tinkering with the tool.
Thank you very much in advance