Unable to scrape the complete data using Data Scraping from Grid for win application


I am trying to extract all the data from this window(win application) but the problem is with the scroller.

I have used data scraping and it’s only extracting the data on the screen, not the whole data.
I tried using ctrl+pagedwn but no luck, If we manually scroll all the way down to the end then only it’s scraping the whole data.

P.S - Do I get any help If a ticket is raised?

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hey @indrajit.shah
are you selecting the last element after scrolling the page during the data scrapping wizard?

No, I am not

just select the last element after scrolling till the end of page.
first element a starting and last elemnt at the last of the page.
Hope it helps.

I didn’t get you.

While selecting field for data scraping I am just selecting one data and its automatically extracting, after that I don’t get any option to select its just Finish.

the wizard will ask 2 times to match the pattern.
If it is asking only 1 times then it would give a popup asking to extract the table that it automatically detected.

Yes, i am not getting the second option to select, its just giving me the preview and i even selected 0 for maximum number of results but still its only extracting the data on screen, not the whole data for which i have to manually scroll.

Yes this happens when you select a element in a table. It will show this option. You have to click “NO” and further proceed with scrolling and selecting the second element.

I am not getting this option, and forcefully I have to select the element in the table, coz every time I am selecting header or anything getting this below error.


P.S - Is it possible for you to connect via remote?

Yes I could try via remote

hey @indrajit.shah
could you check the find children activity once.

I tried, but failed brother.

we encountered some scenarios where a datatable was to scroll down to end before datascrapping. In such scenario we did following:

  • activating the element with the scroller surrounding the data and checked:
  • do scrolling with down key, page down key

If the scrolling was possible we implemented by:

  • type into / send shortcut by using a selector to the element with scroller / the scroller

For dynamic scrolling we implmented a do while loop and tried to recognize the end of scrolling by:

  • find children - children count before and after scrolling compare
  • get text from scroller element (surprising approach but worked well e.g. JAVA Forms application) - compare value before and after scrolling

I tried with page down but, the problem is I don’t know how many times have to click page down to get to the bottom.

Can you explain a bit more, this kind of issue is completely unexplored for me.

My goal is below-
I have a DT having data in same format, I want to get the records from the grid and compare it(with two columns)and mark the checkbox against each of the matched records.

can be adressed as mentioned above: