Data Scrapping Difficulty

Is that any other way to scrap data from data table. I keep getting the same error while I’m trying to scrap a data table by clicking on the table column.:


This control does not support data extraction.

Please select a table cell.



Could you please help me with screenshot of that data.

And also If data scraping not working then use screen scraping it will give you output as String and pass this to Generate DataTable activity to convert it into DataTable.


Not sure if this is due to the data columns (column designed as button) which were separated with data rows. If screen scraping can make it happen, can you teach me how to do that?


Try with different screen scraping methods and indicate that data to read from it.

Unfortunately, that do not helped.


Try you can scrap only one cell its working or not.

Hi Navyavara,

I have found other way to do that, but I just can’t separate it by column I wish to have.

Can you take a look in Convert String To Data Table Format - #3 by KahPou_Liew?