Screen Scraping and Excel


How do you use Screen Scraping to export the data into excel?

I used to the screen scraping as the datascrapping would not work. After I selected the selection and generate a table. What is the next step?

Screen Scraping
-Attach Window
—Generate Table
----Generate Data Table??
----Output Data Table??
----Read CSV File??

If you only used the data scrapping provided in UiPath then the variable with all the information is already there.
Check the field ‘Output’ of the Extract Structured Data activity.
You can also check the variables at the bottom of the UiPath window for its name.

You can save this Data Table by using any write activity, i.e. Write CSV :slight_smile:

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Hi @loginerror, the data scrapping could not read the application for some reason but the screen scraping tool does. I will test this out and respond.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Works! Thank you!