Data Scraping wizard provides no output

Hi All

When using the data scraping wizard in UIPath Studio (2019.5), no output from the wizard is produced when I click “Finish” in the wizard. There are no errors shown or problems selecting the data (it shows a data preview just fine).

Any suggestions?

Hi @Ayden1,

Welcome to the Community! If you don’t get any errors, then the wizard would create the relevant activities in the workflow. The output of the data scrape would be stored in a variable ExtractDataTable of type DataTable by default. You can find it in the Output property of Extract Structured Data activity in your workflow.


Hi @Ayden1,

it is not getting pasted in excel sheet by using write range activity or not getting display in message box despite you pass the variable.

is this problem you are facing??


Thanks @goodoldme

The activities haven’t been created in the workflow and when I click finish it does not ask me if data spans multiple pages, it just exits the wizard and leaves the workflow blank unfortunately.

Hi @Mohansadaiyapillai

No that is not the error I am getting. The Data Scraping wizard does not provide any output when I use it.

Ah… I see. Can you please try using the wizard on the following page to see if that works?

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I see it works on the website you suggested, it must be the website I am trying to use it on.

Thank you for the help

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