The data scraping sequence is not created while i click finish button in Extract Wizard

I use data scraping in the sequence then it run for first pattern then second and i correlated data then it ask first pattern and second pattern. Then it show Extract wizard after that i click finish button but it got vanished without popping out indicate next link . And UI studio appear with nothing . There was not Data scraping Sequence .
And lastly there is no sign of error displayed.
I use the following version:
Studio 2020.10.4-beta.1 - 1/26/2021
Community License
UiPath.UIAutomation.Activities : 20.10.8

Can somebody help me? Thanks in Advanced.

Hi @Prakash_Karkee,
Welcome to the Community!
Are you able to record it somehow to show exactly how it behaves?

yeah i have step recorder that i had done to make screenshot of every step. I have attached the file here. The data is scrapped in extact table properly but not able to get out of that wizard window. (1.5 MB)

Hmmm it’s really weird issue. Are you able to attach this project you showed in your recording? I would like to push this forward to our devs for checkup.

Here is the project that i attached and link of the web that i want to scrap the (1.9 KB)

I was able to replicate the issue based on your project. However for newer Studio version problem is not present. Please update your community version to latest and try to create new project.