Data Scraping not saving into workflow

I am using the data scraping activity to scrape data from the web. I select the data scrape option and then prompted to choose an element. After choosing an element it asks if I want to extract the entire data table and I say yes. Then I am given a preview of the whole data table. However, after clicking finish once it takes me back to Uipath nothing is added to my workflow. I am not sure why this is happening, if anyone has any ideas please let me know.

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Check properly once and it should added at end of the flow.

And also check once whether it is asking for any packages to update ? If yes then update it and try once.

And also what version of studio are you using ?

There can be three reasons buddy
–Scrapping wizard, that is the preview window might not be closed correctly with Finish button, if so try to scrape once again and try to get the preview and Finish the scrapping, you can see the activity at the last or at the current position on the workflow and the activity name will Extract Structured Data
–Then make sure that the package UiPath.Core.Activities is updated to the latest or at least to the version compatible with current studio version and if this is done we can get the activity once after scrapping is done
–And finally if any of the above two methods didn’t work, Kindly uninstall and reinstall the uipath studio and try once again and that would work for sure buddy

Hope this would help you
Cheers @NischalV

Hi! I recently encountered the same issue. It seems the issue can be found on specific websites as data scraping works on Google. The workaround is to use the Extract Structured Data workflow and manually input the MetaData and the Selector.

If the Data Scraping works up to the preview Data, supplying the XML to MetaData will be easier. Just copy the XML by clicking Edit Data Definition. As for the Selector, you need the selector of the table of the data you are extracting or sometimes the whole page. Whichever works.