Data scraping module doesn't appear after using wizzard

I start using the wizzard, I choose my fields and when I click on Finish nothing happens.

Can anyone tell me what is going on?

It’s the first time I get this weird behavior

Typically after you are done with the DS Wizard, you should see an activity created in a flow.

The Data is scraped at run time after you tell the Robot how to do that at design time.


I do not see that activity created any more!

Can someone please instruct me what to do? Should I re-install UiPath Studio?

Am I the only one with this problem?

@badita Can you please take a look?

And I realized that this happens only for some websites. For other websites, it works fine.

So just to give more details. I get to this screen. Everything is well so far. But when I click on Finish, the activity is not finished. Even if I try again, the same

Can you edit the data definition and see if there is some kind of disassociation between the data you’re scraping and the data definition?

I’m thinking if your URLs are so long that the column is not wide enough to support it.

No, it’s not this. It gives the same failure even without the second column.

It’s difficult to diagnose. Are all your packages the latest?

Yep. Never mind, it is site specific. Not sure why only that site doesn’t work