Data scrapping Activities are not created after click the finish?

I am performing data scrappling for extact data from webpage. In Data scrapping all the data are available in preview data. if i click finish button the data scrapping activities are not created in Uipath studio and it’s not showing any error.

Hi @BNK ,

Could you Provide us with the Screenshots of the Workflow where you tried to Perform Data Scraping ?

Also give a try on the Universal Search with “Data Scraping” as the search word.

If the above doesn’t work, perform a UiPath Restart and check.

Let us know if you are still not able to Solve it.

I worked client machine. i am not able to take screenshot.

If i perform any acme data scrapping task. that time data scrapping workflow are created.

for this task it is not created all the data are displayed in preview data

i tried universal search I am not found anything.

Hi, Nirmal!

Try to search Extract Structured Data activity.

Could you make a new blank project and try using Data Scraping there. If there would be no issues, then please compare the installed libraries in your project


UiAutomation.Activities library has to be there.