Issue in Scrapping Data in SAP Table

Hello Team,
I have a query regarding Scapping Data for a SAP Table.
I have a table in SAP having almost 140 records but when i use the scraping data method it takes only 100-120 only. I have also removed the 100 value which comes by default and enter 0 to take all the data.
Can you please let me know how we can overcome this problem.


Is all 140 records are in same page ? If not then did you indicate any next page navigator ?

Yes they are in same page but there is a scroll bar to go down.

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Hello @amitkk_84,

if you are trying to get any particular cloumn, you can just click on that column and copy to clipbord and you can go through the process!


Its not about any particular column, I am using Data scraping and clicking on the 1st column and then data is displayed but not the whole