Data Scraping Error2

Currently I need the data in the website which is in table format. I have used data scraping activity to get the data from table. While running the flow in debug mode, and i passed the variable it shows.

Output shows Null
Please guide how to resolve the issue

Here is the table content that I have used

Hi @Sindhu_09

You can use extract data table activity for extraction.

Hope it helps!!

Hello @Sindhu_09,

Kindly share the selector and extract meta data value.

While indicating the data, have you tried indicating the elements precisely.
Or can you share the selector of any one the table content

Do you mean it asked “if you want to extract the entire table.”

If this is not working can you try clicking NO and indicating the data manually.

Is the data displayed in preview data wizard.


Yes, its displaying

try again with below selector and meta data


<html app='chrome.exe' title='Irving Public Library System' />
<webctrl class='content-container' parentid='content' tag='DIV' />

Meta Data:
<extract> <column exact='1' name='Column0' attr='fulltext'> <webctrl tag='div' /> <webctrl tag='div' idx='1' /> <webctrl tag='h5' idx='1' /> </column> </extract>

Try using this option