Data scraping isn't working

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I have tried data scraping for both data tables from a website, but for the first data table I don’t get any value and for the second table, I get data. I think this is caused by selectors. Is there any way of getting data from the first table.

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Heyy @alauddin133058

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Can you post the error you are getting ?

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I don’t get any error. I get only blank value.

Are you sure data scraping recognizes that first table as in the tabular format?Just for the information, If it is a java based application you need to install JAVA extensions as well.

Yes. Data scraping recognizes table. I think here the problem is that a div belongs to the td portion.

Is it previews the data you have as a pop up when you are using the data scraping wizard? @alauddin133058

No. When I scrap the table this gives just column name.
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After clicking the data portion 2019 then this dialog box comes.

If it is giving the empty values even after selecting the year, then it might be the issue with HTML, use screen scrape or get text activities instead @alauddin133058

get text activity is working, but i want to get the table by scraping.

Just give a try by selecting the value under 2019 after selecting data scraping and check if it is retrieving the values @alauddin133058?

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This process gives the blank result.

It states that, UiPath is not recognizing the data as data table @alauddin133058

If it recognizes as data table, it will retrieve entire data in the first click itself

this is not a table, data scraping is not the way for you… to be honest your case seems pretty easy with simple selectors…

Hi, Data scraping is not working after i scraped the data and it is not saved any where on the program.
Just to be clear, i scrapped the data and clicked on Finished but the the scrapped details are not available on program or anywhere? What could be the reason.