Unable to extract table data

Hi All,

Unable to use data scrape and table scraping is not working properly


Please procide more detaila like is it failing on any specific website or table? Or normally only youa re unable to use?


In Chrome, its failing. In edge for a web application trying to extract a table in one of the pages, its not writing data in excel properly.


Can you show which wensite and is it having tags as table?

What is the error youa re getting on chrome?

And can you show how you configured when on edge…try running in debug and first check if from website what data is being scrapped…you can do that by adding break point after extract and then open locals panel and check the data of the variable from


Able to do it now in edge browser, chrome still has some problems. its an intranet app and cannot share screenshots. issue is resolved after extracting in non-editable state

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@harika_evani1 Please provide details about the error you are getting in Studio Output Panel.

There is no error but after scraping data using data scraping, the activity is not captured in the sequence workflow. it’s vanishing even after package update.

@harika_evani1 Are you looking to investigate this issue further? because without exact details or printed logs, it will be really difficult to troubleshoot. You might wanna debug, print before and after scraping conditions & verify selectors.