Data scraping not working - no results in the data table

I made a tool that includes data scraping. It’s been working fine last time I used it was a few months ago.
Today I used it again and the data scraping part fails to render the results in the data table.
I checked the selector and it validates.

I made a new scraping data activity from scratch, to be sure. The results show properly in the preview.
But when I run the tool the data table is blank.

Any ideas about what the issue can be…?

Are you working with data scraping (classic) or extract table (modern design)?

It’s the classic data scraping.

@ranger Welcome back to UiPath community gave you trued with extract data table activity inside attach browser

I need the linked URLs from same kind of images from a page, only the URLs.
The modern extract table is more cumbersome for this kind of data, the classic one is more straight forward. Actually I couldn’t get the modern one to work with extracting the URLs.

So I’m fine with the classic one, need some insights about the cause of failure.

the selector to the element or the selectors from the extract metadata configuration?

The selector to the element. The selector for data was generated automatically, I didn’t touch it.
I thought maybe the page structure changed and so I created the data scraping again from scratch, those selectors are the same as before.

when possible share the url, so we can also have a look on it.

when in classic a data scrapping is not working as expected we would recommend to check the following:

  • selector to the target element
  • extract metadata config: Based on the target selector ensure that all following path structures are valid (row definition, col definition)
  • extract metadata config: ensure that no column specific selectors will result to different column values count (e.g. col1 will find 10 values, col2 will find 8 values, due its definition)

I could finally make it work. What I did was creating a new data scraping, but this time outside of the current Open Browser and Attach Browser activities. And so it worked.

Although the selectors for those activities validated too, I assume the issue was generated by them somehow.

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