Data scraping error when scraping tables

I was trying to use data scraping to extract a table from a website, the table has fixed header column and row so when I start scraping by only one click on any cell, the robot asks me “You selected a table cell, would you like to extract the whole table?” so i said yes but the result table is corrupted; all the first column are concatenated in the first cell. I figured out the cause of the problem is the existing of header column(th tags).
So can anyone help me to extract the table correctly?

Hi @ShaimaaHafez,

When you get "You selected a table cell, would you like to extract the whole table?”, say “No” and then manually select each header and then a corresponding row below that header. Continue on for each column. You’ll see what I mean once you select “No”.


Thank you, but i need the robot to identify the table itself as there are many columns in the tables i want to extract and also i want to make a scalable program to run on many different tables.

Hi @ShaimaaHafez

use OCR instead of full text or native.


Thank you, but I am using Data Scraping not Screen Scraping.

Try Extract Structured data Activity for this. It might solve your problem

Same problem, in Extract Structured data activity(which is also part of data scraping), it defines extract metadata as
but because the first column is a header, it concatenate all of its cells in the first cell as part of column names and the table is generated corrupted.

strange !1 O_0 I’m seeing a lot of posts surrounding this error, ending without resolution!


I think there is some error with the data scraping function?
I use this all the time but this time it can’t fetch anything.

I can’t find a direct email to report this. If anyone can also share?