Web Data Scraping of web data table with one row

Hello everyone,

I have an important question.
Indeed, I have a DT with one row (as attach image), so when I use Data Scraping I’m taking whole cells of the table. But I can’t to retrieve headings maybe because the background is different, so I have “Column-0”, “Column-1”… Is it possible to change them? Or do you have a best method to extract this DT.
I specify that this DT could have more than one row sometimes.


As a solution you could try two data scrapping activities, one for the headings of columns and the other for the actual contents.
When these actions are concluded just change the columns heading in extracted data table as described here

Let me know if it works

Hi @MigT

In this case use data scraping and manually name the columns.


Thanks for your response @daniel_cornea, unfortunately if I scrape the headings it’s empty. So I can’t use your solution.

Thanks @Tuhin_Samanta, I tried it before but I can’t change heading names.

It is my guess that you are using a custom build application which does not use HTML to render the page (is that so?) If yes, I might suggest the following hack: maximize the window, and try to get the text based on the position of the image, from what I see you do have fifteen columns so that would mean 15 OCR activities. I know it is hackish (to say the least) but it might work…

However, I would not use this solution if my life depended on it.

Hope it helps,

Thanks @daniel_cornea, it’s for a POC so from what you say, it’s not a good solution for a project in production. However I can to get just few column. They are not all important for me. I try it.

@Tuhin_Samanta if you know how to manually name the columns that will be very cool.



I would try this approach:

1st step remove the empty columns as described here

2nd step rename the columns as described here

Please let me/us know if you need any further help

Thanks @daniel_cornea that looks good but I don’t know to transcribe these codes to UiPath.
Sorry I start RPA since few months only and I didn’t code before.

ok, extract the data table write it to an excel file, change the confidential information in the excel file, for instance: Daniel Cornea should become John Doe, age 26, should become 89, and so on.

Once I receive the excel file I will send you back an .xaml file with how to change the columns

Thanks, so I add a “write csv” activity and he record the file correctly.
You need it?

don’t bother here is your example
ColumnNameChange.zip (11.1 KB)

let me know if you have any questions


Thanks a lot @daniel_cornea

If you know how can I do that, that will be great:

To summarize the assign work in the variable but not in the web application page

Sure I will look into that, but do not post it here, next time just send me a message I will be glad to help

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