Data Scraping causes the first column to also contain all of the headers

Not sure what is going on here, but when I try to data scrape from this table, I can extract most of the columns just fine, but when I try to extract the very first column, it messes up and puts all of the headers as elements into the first column. See picture below for reference.

Here’s the table I need to extract

Using the data scraping on the first column and several others, I get this

And here’s the XML I have that’s giving me this messed up table.

When I try to extract the entire table, the first column just outright doesn’t even show up. So I have no way of reliably extracting the data from the first column.

Am I doing something wrong, or is there something messed up inherently about the table that is causing this issue? I can extract every other column just fine except for the first one.

While datascrapping, if you want to extract a particular column, just select the first column below header and select the last row of the column. per your screenshot, if you want to extract PartNo just select the first one 001568 and the ;ast one 004692-30, so that the values in that partno column only gets extracted

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Hi Rachel, thank you very much for the help. This seems to partially work, however I’m running into another unexpected error. Because the colors of the cells in the table alternate, UiPath ends up giving me alternating cells as the “pattern.” Here’s what happens when I highlight the first and last cell of the column:

Which produces this:

Here’s the XML code for this table. Is there some kind of edit we can do? I erased the “class=even” line of the XML and it gave me back nothing but an empty table.

If I try to select the first and the second to last cell, it does the same thing as before, where it highlights and returns all of the headers along with the column.

Thanks for your assistance.