Data Scraping does not capture the first column correctly

I am trying to scrape structured data from a website , but all the values of the first column accumulate in the first cell,
I am not able to understand why this is happening , as all the other data in the table is getting captured correctly. I have attached screenshots of the table in the website and the output i get from the data scraping

I also tried another way to get data through ‘extract correlated data’ , but another problem crops up there -
The first column is extracted correctly , but the status column gives blanks wherever data = Active

Please help !

do not indicate whole table at once, try to capture data column by column.

Indicate field field only by using ‘Data Scraping’

It will ask you to select entire table or not, then you can proceed further with entire table

Please find the images for reference.

Then if you select first table header from grid it will ask you to select entire table. Click on Yes as follows:


Then you can preview data as shown below and can save data

Let me know if it worked

when i capture data column by column then all the columns except the status column gets captured correctly .
In the status column , the Canceled seems to come up correctly , but all the data points with Active do not get captured . they are blank.
The 3rd screenshot in my question represents the same.

I have already done this and this is when i face this problem. When i capture the whole table at once , the first column is put in a single cell . in the second screenshot of my question description you will the first cell has ID 289852 287468 - These numbers were supposed to come as values under the header ID.
Instead the whole column comes in a single cell and the values of the 2nd column comes in the 1st column.

Hi @Harish_Tiwari

You might need to fine tune the XML code of the data scraping wizard. There are a few tutorials on the forum that might give you an idea (as the task is not super basic, but doable).

See for example here (and similar topics):

For now , i have simply done this :

I have extracted the first column into one data table
After this ,I extracted The full table (where the whole first column was getting extracted in the first cell) into another datatable

I added the column form the first datatable to the second datatable and i got the full table.
Not the most efficient way , but works perfectly for me as of now.