Unable to select columns correctly from data scraping

Hello everyone. :smiley:
I am getting a header as data when I scraping data.
Please help me.
Thank you so much.

Can you make it more details like some screenshots to easily address the issue :smiley:

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While scraping, you might get headers as value if a column value is empty.

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Hello @pattyricarte
Thank you for your reply.

Can you please check it for me?
Thank you.

Hello @KannanSuresh
Thank you for your answer.
I got the headers well.
But in the first row, I not only got the data but also the headers again.
It’s like this.
Please check it for me.
Thank you…

you can get the data from table like this
First use assign activity and then in value type


use this activity under for each row activity to get all the data from scaped data table

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Hello @Imran
Thank you for your answer.
But if I take the data like this by using row(“Column-0”).ToString, the headers from second rows also come out instead of the real data from the same row?