Two problems/questions about data scraping


I’ve been trying to build an app that uses data scraping to get some information about products on a website. I’ve come across two problems so far. The first one is that the site where I’m scraping the information from has no comma (,) between the euros and cents so the scraping becomes a bit unclear and I was wondering if anyone knows how I could get uipath to automatically add a comma to the prices.

The second problem is that another site I’m scraping information with data scraping from has all the information about a specific product in a single “box” so i can’t scrape the price and product name separately for example. I tried to scrape with the “select region” function but it still choses to scrape all the information about the product even tough I’m selecting only the region with the price in it. Is there any way to get it to scrape more accurately.

Thanks a lot in advance!

For the first part, could you please post a screen shot?
And as far as second thing is concerned you can try using screen scraping method and indicate whatever portion you are trying to fetch, check which scraping option suits you best.

Niket Ghai


This is how the prices are displayed on the site so I would need uipath to add a comma between the numbers so it would be like 2,99. Maybe also add a € symbol afterwards but the comma would be more important so it would not look like the products price would be 299€ instead of 2,99€.

I will try with the screen scraping on the second issue and see if i get better results with that, thanks!

For the first too you can use screen scraping with the native method.
Just indicate 2 and 99 separately, and then using an assign activity add comma and euro! :slight_smile:

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Alright thanks, I’ll try it out first thing tomorrow morning and see how it works out!

Hi again,

I tried a bit with the screen scraping method it managed to get the text better with it but then i ran into another problem. I’m planning on scraping different information on many products and getting them to an excel table so is it anyway possible to automise the scraping like in data scraping? It would take ages to manually scrape all the information of like 100+ products with screen scraping.

So the problem is that data scraping scrapes too much information of a single product, screen scraping scrapes the information i want to but i would need it to automatically scrape similar information like data scraping. I hope this wasn’t too confusing.

Yeah Screen Scraping won’t be a good option in this case. So in this case what you can do is that you can scrape the entire table and then copy only the data you require on a new data table, and using this data table develop the excel/csv!
For eg. if the column name is Name you casn fetch it either through get row item(set the column name as “Name”) or use an assign activity like row(“Name”) and then copy them into a data table.

Tell me if this helps :slight_smile: