Data is null After Scraping - Level 3 Assignment 1


I encountered a problem where I extracted work item data into a variable called Extract Data Table, but when I invoke it to the Main Page. The data is null. Thanks for your help!


Hi @siaochuenchong
How did you check that the data is null
Use Output Datatable along with writeline or message box and check for extracted data

Hi @siaochuenchong

Pleaes check your Extract Task that you used for Extracted Data…

Hi ARahman,

Yes, I did use Data Scraping to extract data!


Hi Vinnethkumar,

I used debug to check that the data is null.
When I use the message box, it turns out to be empty, but the data is able to extract to an excel file I Tried.

@siaochuenchong Have any error or not?

Your ACME data check and again step to step debug.

Hi ARahman,

The error occurs in the later Assign activity where I wanted to filtered the data. :frowning:
The data is still valid while scraping, but when I extract it into the Main file with the value “dt_wlx”, which I typed. It became null.

I believe The problem occurs in between the transition between the extract transaction data and Main file, but I can’t spot the error :frowning:

Hi Guys,

I Spotted the error where the name of variable is same with the name of arguments, so the data is not ex-tractable. Thanks for your help guys :slight_smile:

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