Data not getting extracted

Main.xaml (33.5 KB)
Hi Team,

When i run this i am not able to get the data extracted into a excel sheet im just getting a blank sheet. Any help would be obliged . Thanks in advance

HI @Harish_R1

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Click on Extract datatable and open variables panel

Check whether you have two datatable variable with same name if has remove one.

Note: If it has same name it will be shown like this


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It seems your data scraping (Extract Structured Data activity) gets no data.
Can you try to review your settings of DataScraping?


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Hello @Harish_R1
You have to select the correct indicator of correlated data.
Try to indicate at middle of the page, Maybe the 1st-row of data in the website occurs advertisement.
Kindly refer to the attached XAML file, You may get some Idea

Main.xaml (40.2 KB)

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Hi @Harish_R1

Check out the XAML file

Main.xaml (44.4 KB)



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Thank you guys

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