If: Value cannot be null, Error getting Transaction data for transaction number:Value cannot be null

Hi, I have been trying to extract datatable from ACME page, but I get the error mentioned above, please kindly assist.

This error is because your extracted value is not passed to the GetTransactionData.xaml
Can you print your WIList count after your filter and see if scrape is successfull?

you mean the ExtractDataTable, I tried passing the ExtractDataTable as the value of WIList in GetTransactionData and I got a message that system.datarow cannot be converted to system.datatable

after extraction have you done the filter to get the output list?
Which assignment are you doing?


yes, so then in that case after you are dong extraction you get the datatable variable.
Post that there is a filter step which gives you an Array of datarows which is the WIList variable.

That value count you can do a write line and see what is printed in the output panel.

I’ve done a writeline, For the value count(i.e ExtractDataTable) it still displayed the message if cannot be null, I tried the writeline also using the variable for the assign(i.e WIList). It returned empty output result.

this wont work.

Then your scrape is not working. can you create it again?

Hi, I used a writeline to output for the scraped data using the filtered WIList as the value but it couldn’t show. So I used write range to write the extracted file into excel but write range requires data table variable so I tried only the extractdatatable as the output without filtering and all the items extracted.Now how do I extract the specific work items and write it to excel sheet since the WIList is an array of data row and not data table.

send me this xaml file only. Let em have a look.

System1 Extract workItem Data Table.xaml (11.4 KB)
thanks for your assistance

Hi, please have you looked through the xaml file

The reason its not getting any WIDs is because your condition is not entirely correct

ExtractDataTable.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ AND Status=‘open’”)

Should be:

ExtractDataTable.Select(“Type=‘WI5’ AND Status=‘Open’”)

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Thanks, I have changed that but I am still getting if value cannot be null, here is my get transaction xamlGetTransactionData.xaml (11.5 KB)

Thanks for your assistance, please look through my get transaction datafor incorrect value

Hi, any headsup

Your file looks fine. Can you zip your project and send it to me via a personal message?
Let me debug through it and see :slight_smile:

ReFramework Lesson3.zip (338.9 KB)

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Hi, I hope you’ve gotten through the file

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Hello sir, are u there?

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