CV Type Into not working

Working on a Shockwave based web portal which I’ve had difficulty with in the past. Saw the CV beta release and thought I’d give it a try. Uninstalled UIPath.UIAutomation.Activities so UIPath.AI.ComputerVision will automatically load version UIPath.UIAutomation.Activities 19.2. Running Debug, CV Screen Scope works well albeit a little slowly and it found the “username” Input Box element fine as it does its relative anchor but when it comes to input something into the Input Box via CV Type Into the string is not being typed into the Input Box. Have tried the various options but nothing works and even though ContinueOnError is set to False I get no error message so difficult to understand what is going on. Has anyone experienced this or can help ?



Something Similar happened to me When I test CV Capabilities against a VMWare Player running Ubuntu and a test program. CV can detect elements but It cannot Type into the window. Are you testing with Citrix/RDP Application maybe?

I am yes. Will have a go via non-RDP connection. Thanks!

Try this, and if possible post a video of the runtime: go to the Studio toolbar Execute, in the options enable highlighting, and run in debug mode the part that fails. It will highlight the scope, the anchor & target for every action.


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