CV Type into Activity not typing into text box

I am unable to type a simple static text into text box using CV Type Into Activity, can any one please help here?

(CV Type into Activity works fine when i ran in debug mode, it successfully write static text in text box when in debug mode)

Please help me.

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Could you please give some delay before this activity and then it will work.

And also are you using this activity inside CV scope or not ?


I already tried “DelayBefore” to 2000 and 3000 milliseconds in CV Type into Activity but it didn’t work. I also tried giving “DelayBefore” in CV Scope but it also not work for me.

YES, my activity is inside CV Scope.

Please help.

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Is the application you are working on Remote side or in local system ?


It is a remote computer and i am connecting it using LogMeIn Client (desktop) application.

check internet connection on the robot too. Sometime on slow network ML part cannot be finished in time.

what happens if you run in debug with highlights on, does it correctly highlight target & anchor?

what CV & Studio versions are you running?


Yes, in debug with highlights, it highlights each target and anchor.

UiPath Studio -
UiPath AI Computer Vision Activities - 1.0.1


Any other details needed? Can you please help.

I am also having the same issue - cv type into is not typing in the textbox in an application running inside vmware image.

DO NOT use AI CV Type often, your issue is always happen and hard to track.

my suggestion is better you use anchor or hotkey or type OCR.