Customer portal: case appears as open in the cases list, but it's closed

I was checking what happened to a case that supposeddly I created this morning, as I find no traces of it neither I got an email confirmation.

First I found out, surpresd, that another ticket that I was supposed to have closed this morning, by my request (as I couldn’t find any “close case” option), and I saw as “closed” because I saw the customer support reply, appeared as still open (“In progress”):

Yet you click on it and it appears as “Closed”:

Is this normal? In case it isn’t, could you please solve this discrepancy?

Hi @pere,
Thank you for sharing this information. I will immediately, route it to the right team.

Hi again,
I started a closed private thread to continue an investigation with our people from the Customer Portal.
@pere please check your forum inbox.