Case Ticket Not Replying

I opened a case ticket. There was a reply but it was wrong/insufficient. I replied to the email and it appears that info was added to the case but no one is replying to my follow up queries. Should I open a new ticket?

If its been long time for reply kindly open a new ticket so that it will reflect to them in a new queue
but i hope they will answer for sure to the one you replied back
Cheers @jOeyO

Yeah thanks. I opened a new ticket and got an automated email reply with a different / old ticket number in the subject saying resolved. I think their case ticket system is broken. At this point I think I will not get a reply. Thanks anyway :frowning:

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Hi @jOeyO

Please do create a new ticket if you think the previous one has not been answered sufficiently.
I am not sure what the issue was, so I can’t have a look. You could share the ticket number with me and I might be able to have a look what potentially went wrong there.

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Ticket 91924