Where can I see the progress of a open support ticket and get ticket number?

I opened a support ticket using this link: Contact Cloud Technical Support

But I can’t find the ticket number or see the ticket progress. What can I do?

Hi @alamyr.junior,

Please login to below link:

This is where you will be able to see all your cases and their status.

Also, upon creating a case, you would have got an email from uipathsupport@uipath.com.
That email does have a link to open your case and check its status.
It would be mentioned like below:

To view latest progress on the case please access the following link


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Hi Sonali,

I didn’t get an email and I tried to register but I got an error too, I think I already have an account on the customer portal so I tried to recover my password too but they don’t send an email for creating a new password either, maybe there is a bug…
Anyway, I’ll try to send the ticket again and hope this time I get the email.
Thanks for the help!

Hi @alamyr.junior,

Are you trying to login with the same ID you had registered with? Then only you will get an email.

Also this will be your official email Id as to raise requests there, you will need to use assigned license Id which verify you being an enterprise user.

Looks like you are missing something here as I have raised n number of requests and have got emails and proper status updates for all of those.

Try to reset your password using your official ID on customer portal. Raise a request again and see if you get an email.


Hi @alamyr.junior,

Has this worked for you with the provided suggestions?

Please let us know and if it has been resolved, I would suggest to mark solution so this topic can be closed.