Answers from UiPath support are very strange

Hello, today I created a support ticket because I thought there is a bug now in UiExplorer because using it freezes Studio and target application. Ok, after a short time I recieved a messages with that ticket ID and other information.
While trying to continue developing I got additional information that I thought I shoud give also to the support. For that I created an email, wrote in the subject line “additional info to case #xxxxx”. In my opinion this is a normal procedure in a ticket system and you can expect that this mail will be routed to the ticket. What happens? I get an answer: “Thank you for reaching UiPath Support. Please create a new case with all the required details using the following links through our portal.” Are they kidding me or what does that mean? The ticket is there and why have I to do the same thing again?

Hello Martin,
Thank you for your feedback.
From a system standpoint, you will have to respond to the same thread ID for the case you initially created. (You must have received a response from support)

If you drop an email separately it will not be tagged to the same case and treats as an email that is different.

I request you to respond back to the same thread ID which you have received as an acknowledgement from the Support.
Thanks for your understanding!

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Thank you for your answer. Have you read my first post carefully?
In my post I wrote that I got a message from support which tells me the ticket ID (you call it thread ID, I think) and I also wrote that I used this Id in my second mail and mentioned it in the subject line. So please let me know what I did wrong in this case. I expect that the message will be tagged to the thread if the ID is mentioned in the subject line. This is normal in the support I have known so far. Thanks for your understanding!

I think it gets auto-linked when you hit “Reply” on the original confirmation email, rather than creating a new email.